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Automating your SAP Roadmap and IT Operations on the Cloud

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  • QA Migration Checklist for Validating Cloud Deployments August 9, 2022
    Immediately after migrating your systems and applications to the cloud, it’s important to validate that everything is working as expected. This includes verifying if applications are functional, checking for any compatibility issues, and ensuring the reliability of data. Following a QA migration checklist can help you make certain that your deployment went smoothly and that […]
  • IT-Conductor Latest Automation Features Q2-2022 June 29, 2022
    Welcome to the Q2-2022 edition of IT-Conductor’s latest automation features. This edition covers tools you can use for automation, migration, and management of SAP software downloads. They are also functional in cloud migration, technical project activities, and system performance improvement. As our days warm up, you can rest assured that the engines that drive your […]
  • Deploy Applications to the Cloud June 20, 2022
    There are multiple cloud deployment options for provisioning IT infrastructure and deploying applications to the cloud. Choosing the right deployment model requires you to understand your source environment, where you want to move it, and how you would like to implement the actual migration. Whether you want to deploy it in a private, public, or […]
  • Team-based Central SAP Download Manager June 16, 2022
    SAP Download Manager integration is the latest offering from IT-Conductor aimed at improving the efficiencies of IT organizations.
  • SAP Monitoring Long-running Transaction and Expensive SQL Analysis June 10, 2022
    Are you aware that the lack of monitoring of long-running jobs can cause performance issues, impacting online users as well as other workloads? If your SAP system is experiencing performance degradation, it may be due to the long-running job execution time that is caused by an expensive SQL statement. Other causes and side effects of […]
  • Building a Cloud Infrastructure: Automated Migration June 3, 2022
    Building a cloud infrastructure is a complex process. If you are new to this topic, we recommend that you start by reading our introductory article on Cloud Migration first. Understanding the role of application discovery in cloud migration and generating cloud baselines is also important before attempting to build your infrastructure in the cloud. It […]
  • Designing Your Target Cloud Infrastructure May 27, 2022
    Over the years, cloud architects have implemented various cloud migration scenarios based on architectural design principles and cloud migration best practices. From lift-and-shift migration to entirely re-architecting the target cloud infrastructure, organizations yield to the demands and benefits of cloud transformation by moving and running workloads in the cloud.
  • Benchmarking in the Cloud: Generating Cloud Baselines May 19, 2022
    Performance and configuration baselines are critical in understanding the current state of your application environment prior to migrating to the cloud. Without generating cloud baselines, it would be difficult for you to measure your cloud migration success.
  • The Role of Application Discovery in Cloud Migration May 10, 2022
    Most organizations understand the importance of having a concrete plan and strategy when migrating to the cloud. In the article we've published recently, we've recommended starting your cloud migration journey by setting business objectives and establishing key performance indicators (KPIs). These two play a significant role in defining your cloud migration success. However, establishing KPIs […]
  • SAP Monitoring Tools Overview (Updated May 2022) May 9, 2022