SAP CCMS: Modifying Rule-based CCMS Monitors

As a part of SAP Management Pack OZSoft supplies several CCMS Monitor XML files. These can be imported into CCMS and used for the Management Pack.

Often, these monitors need to be modified by the customers – one size never fits all.

Modifying CCMS Monitors is a common practice – anyone who has dealt with RZ20 in SAP knows that, but we put it up here as a reference anyway:

  • start RZ20 transaction
  • In the top menu go to Extras and click Activate maintenance function


  • Navigate to the Monitor Set and right-click on the Monitor you wish to modify; choose Change option


  • In CCMS there is a relatively unknown feature that allows to use Rules instead of selecting individual tree element. Rules are convenient as you can apply them to all or selected systems and use MTE Classes that catch many attributes. Rules work hierarchically – you can define system selector node and under it Class nodes. Right-click on a node and choose Create Nodes, Change Node or Delete Node … for more information see

    For example: to remove File Systems monitoring – right-click on the CCMS_GET_MTE_BY_CLASS node with a paramer MTEClass = Filesystem  and delete it. Save the Monitor and you are done.