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Cloud-based SAP Hosting & Automated Operations

Automating your SAP Roadmap and IT Operations on the Cloud

Platform as a Service

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Platform Design and Deployment

OZSOFT is fully-certified with SAP and cloud technologies to design sophisticated SAP infrastructure catering for high performance and resiliency, while secure and manageable

SAP on Cloud

  • Whether it’s with AWS, Azure or GCP, OZSOFT can design a well-architected framework for the SAP platform
  • Map source systems to target cloud infrastructure with best matching compute, storage, network and security

Backup Recovery

  • Expert deployment of SAP backint certified backup solutions to meet RTO and RPO goals
  • Native cloud backups of virtual machines, databases via filesystems, blobs, snapshots and backup vaults
  • Orchestrate backup automation schedule and monitoring
  • Recovery runbook and testing


  • Cluster deployments on Linux and Windows, using both automation and best-practices configuration
  • Application failover testing and tuning
  • HA monitoring of critical cluster events and alerts

Disaster Recovery

  • Planning every layer of application, DB, OS, and supporting infrastructure for remote site business continuity
  • Leverage advanced technology for database, storage, image replication and synchronization
  • Test bubble in isolation for on-demand/regular DR testing without interrupting Production operations
  • Automation and runbook

BYOK (Bring Your Own Key) Encryption

  • Protect your assets on public cloud platform with your BYOK encryption technology from vendors such as SAP Data Custodian, and Thales VTE (Vormetric Transparent Encryption)

DevOps Automation as a Service

  • OZSOFT leverages IT-Conductor cloud-based automation platform to orchestrate simple to complex IT operations processes, such as System Refresh, SAP Change Management/Transport, SAP systems provisioning
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